The cost of stress

-Work related stress is the second most common work related health problem, after back pain.

-Too much stress at work or at home results in low morale, poor performance and less productivity.

-Stress related illness often means long periods off work, with no certainty as to when the employee will return.

-Salaries of absent staff and their temporary replacements have to be met.

-In addition there will be the cost of recruiting and training temporary and replacement employees.

By engaging a counselling service to support your employees, some of these problems can be significantly eased and the cost of stress reduced.


How can counselling help my staff

If a member of your staff is troubled by life’s events this may impact on their performance at work. At such times talking to a counsellor can bring new understanding and help them to manage their difficulties more effectively. When your staff get the right kind of professional help at the right time, problems can become more manageable, with improved performance at work and less likelihood of prolonged absence.

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What are the possible benefits to my organisation

  • Improved staff performance
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Improved staff motivation and morale
  • Reduced grievances


How do I avail of the service

Having registered your company with Emerge you can offer our service to any one of your staff who seems to be in need of help.

We will provide you with an information sheet for you to give to your staff. This sheet gives them an idea of how Emerge might be able to help and provides them with contact information to arrange an assessment interview as quickly as possible.

If the assessment suggests that counselling is appropriate, then six further counselling appointments will be arranged.

If the assessment suggests that counselling is not appropriate, the counsellor will suggest other agencies which may be more helpful to meet your employee's particular needs.


The cost of counselling

Annual Registration Fee - €50
Initial assessment - €25
Weekly Counselling (6 sessions @ €35) - €210

For queries or appointments contact:

Emerge at emergesolutions@yahoo.ie



Emerge House, Church St, Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare. Phone 086 0829522 Email: emergesolutions@yahoo.ie